Revenue and Business Model

Cannabis Grow Solutions

Sell equipment, supplies construction, consulting, maintenance

Biotech Products, R&D

Research, develop and manufacture biotech products and technologies

Technology Products & Consulting

Sell consulting, monetize on enterprise application, premium features, ads, payment system

Vitamins & Essential Oil Diffuser

Develop, manufacture and distribute equipment, refills, and supplies

Dispensary Supplies & Distribution

Manufacture, distribute and sell supplies to dispensaries


Develop, manufacture and distribute equipment, refills, and supplies

Stock Quote and Information

Why would people buy from mCig companies?

We currently operate within 8 different markets within the cannabis industry.  We are developing 2 additional markets, and contemplating others.  We currently operate in 5 continents & 13 different countries.  We expect to have a presence in more than 30 countries within the next 2 years.  We have the ability to reach over 1 billion potential customers.

We never lose sight of our consumer’s trust as a measure of our success.  Whether we are building large scale grow facilities, researching biotech products to treat disease, developing the latest mobile app, making the latest e-cig or vaporizers, or distributing equipment and supplies to dispensaries around the world, we strive to make the right popular investments and generate value for our shareholders.

Additional Investor Information

We are a diversified growth company.  We strive to make wise investments in diversified areas of the cannabis industry.  The company looks forward to growing its core competencies to service the ancillary legal Cannabis, Hemp and CBD markets, with broader expansion to take place once federal laws change.

Our revenue is growing exponentially.  As our company diversifies its assets, revenue continues to rise.  We also continue to see significant price reductions, as a percentage, in our manufacturing cost of goods sold.

We have over 100 years of experience combined between the key players and our grow contractors division.   mCig, Inc. is proud to work with Cannabis Industry leaders and to provide broad and rounded solutions for consumer markets, legal growers and canna-businesses nationwide.

Information Request

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