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Grow Contractors | Ownership: 100%

Grow Contractors is MCIG’s group of Cannabis consultants, engineers, architects, contractors, and grow experts combining over 100 years of experience and talent combined, to bring efficient and high-quality grow spaces. Grow Contractors offers a practical approach to cannabis design, construction, and operations to create profitable and compliant facilities. The company provides a custom-tailored approach for every client because there is no universal approach to building a cannabis facility. Grow Contractors also offers several high tech greenhouse products from starter to large, high tech greenhouse buildings capable of covering tens of thousands of square feet. From California to Washington, to Oregon to Nevada, Grow Contractors provides products and services in all legal cannabis markets.

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VitaCig Inhalation Technology | Ownership: 100%

The science behind Vitacig’s world famous blend was created by leading Pharmacist, Dr. Khary Bryan, and first launched back in 2014. VitaCig is the first and original electronic vitamin administered through an essential oil diffuser.

Vitacig is a great alternative to cigarettes and works with certified constituents and natural components from the highest quality grade available. Vitacig is shown to contain several key vitamins (Vitamin A, B12, C, E, and others like Collagen and Coenzyme Q10, and Menthol depending on the flavor) which may be absorbed via the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

Vitacig currently operates in several countries including United States, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Europe and Russia, with recent operations and distribution in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Turkey.

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Omni Health, Inc. | Ownership: 10%

Omni Health, Inc., (OTC PINK: OMHE) is a 40 year old vertically integrated healthcare company with focus on cannabis and biotech, specializing in health and wellness products utilizing cannabis and biotech engineering.  Omni Health, Inc. is dedicated to the development of pharmaceutical, anti-aging products, and cannabis biotech engineering with a robust pipeline of new products and breakthrough innovation.

GIGESOFT, Inc. | Ownership: 100%

Our team turns vision into reality by developing advanced, full featured software, and development services to meet all technology needs. Our team of experienced developers, programmers, and engineers provide a unique capacity for developing innovative products layered in complexity and designed exclusively for any business initiative. Our expertise involves designing, building and supporting mission critical enterprise applications.

Specializing in core product development areas ranging from enterprise infrastructure to low-level system applications, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that leverage our years of experience into robust end products with high availability and scalability.

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Cannabiz Supply | Ownership: 80%

Cannabiz Supply is a supplier of cannabis cultivators, extractors and dispensaries with all of the hard goods, production supplies, packaging and vape supplies they need to run a cannabis business. We offer the highest quality along with the most affordable prices. We sell generic or we can private label anything we sell to get your brand out there, where it belongs. We sell the items you need delivered to your business hassle free without all of the associated problems dealing with language barriers and intercontinental shipping at a cost effective price.

VitaCBD, LLC | Ownership: 20%

The Company is a vertically integrated focused on multiple areas of the cannabis industry. We are exploring involvement in the consumer, health and wellness, recreational, medical, media and nutraceutical industry.

Vapolution, Inc. | Ownership: 100%

Vapolution Vaporizers has been making the ONLY glass on glass vaporizer since 2000. Other companies claim to be glass on glass, but this is not true. Take a closer look and you will see, Vapolution is the only one to eliminate metals, ceramics and plastics from the air path. The vapor our device produces has the best flavor when compared to any other vaporizer on the market. Try it for yourself. All Glass Means Pure Vapor!

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NY Acres, Inc. | Ownership: 100%

NY Acres is a joint venture between the FarmOn! Foundation at the historic 220 acre Empire Farm and mCig, Inc, which will research and propagate to grow and produce organic industrial hemp to distribute and sell its industrial by-products. The first planting cycle will commence early 2018, preparing the summer’s harvest of 40 acres, followed by a second harvest late fall for further research. The program will expand each year over 3 years, scaling up to 120 acres of organic industrial hemp per harvest annually. With the support of the State of New York, the Department of Agriculture and Governor Andrew Cuomo to give mid-size farms the opportunity to approach sustainability beyond organic practices for profitability, this will economic driver and opportunity for young adults to learn to earn on an organic working farm.